Embroidery Machine Operator

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Employee Type:





1+ yrs

Job Location:

Rancho Cucamonga

Office Location:

Rancho Cucamonga

Starting Date:



$17.00 hr.



Needed in Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Duties include: Reading embroidery order sheets & labels; Picking products from warehouse locations; Loading design into machine & hooping products; Quality checking for errors & thread trimming for QC; Shipping & preparing goods for shipment; Applying sticker barcodes on product tags; Applying sticker barcodes on product bags; Packaging shipments using checklist; Keeping production on time (due dates) & machine running; Producing fast rates (counted by per piece completed); Fixing thread breaks & machine adjustment issues; Cleaning & oiling machines; Staying organized & keeping clean work area. Required qualifications: 1-2 yrs exp. Mon-Fri/7:00am-3:30pm. Full-time position. Wage: $17.00 hr. (#1.0827.1416 – Rancho Cucamonga)


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