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Data Entry Technician

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  • Full-Time
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  • Bakersfield
  • Bakersfield, CA
  • $19.00 / hr

Will be responsible for entering Health Risk Assessment data from paper forms into computer database. This is an essential function for our client as HRA data indicates level of need for Care Management activities & enables referral to enhanced benefits to address member’s health needs. Duties include: Sorting & organizing hard copies of paperwork before & after entering data electronically; Transferring data from hard copy to digital database efficiently & accurately; Performing basic translations of Spanish entries of forms to English for entry into database. Required qualifications: Working knowledge of HIPAA & other privacy guidelines related to healthcare information; Exp. or education on use of MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, etc.); Ability to follow HIPAA privacy policies; Attention-to-detail. Wage: $19.00 hr. (#3.1006.109 – Bakersfield)