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Facilities Coordinator

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  • 2.1108.306
  • Full-Time
  • Any
  • 2+ Yrs
  • San Luis Obispo
  • San Luis Obispo, CA
  • $22.00-$28.00 hr.

Will develop & coordinate capital improvement projects & perform maintenance, repair, & operations of existing facilities under direction of Facilities Director. Duties include: Following up on work requests to ensure service is being coordinated efficiently; Working closely with architects, contractors, &/or subcontractors to ensure proper & timely completion of projects; Interfacing between Facilities Department & staff; Coordinating various projects, maintenance, & repairs needed to ensure safe operations & remaining in compliance with regulations, as well as providing comfortable environment for staff, children, & clients; Assisting Facilities Director in coordinating completion of work with contractors & subcontractors to ensure that projects are completed in timely manner; Maintaining accurate documentation of all projects & ensuring projects are bid fairly, equally, & in accordance with funding conditions; Identifying qualified contractors in various trades & areas as needed; Assisting with Request for Proposal (RFP) process; Maintaining contact with contractors through completion of repair or construction project; Ensuring playgrounds comply with applicable safety. Required qualifications: At least 2 yrs maintenance or construction exp. Duration of position is minimum 3 months but could last up to 12 months or longer depending on program budget. Full-time position. Wage: $22.00-$28.00 hr. (#2.1108.306 – San Luis Obispo)