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Fleet Administrative Support

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  • Temp-To-Hire
  • Any
  • 1+ Yrs
  • San Luis Obispo
  • San Luis Obispo, CA
  • $24.00+ hr. DOE

Needed for variety of administrative tasks related to managing fleet of vehicles & equipment. Duties include: Assigning appropriate cost codes to invoices related to fleet expenses; Managing vehicle registrations & ensuring they are up to date; Processing vehicle sales; Handling administrative tasks related to sale of vehicles from fleet; Managing ARB Perp registrations & compliance related to CA Air Resources Board (ARB); Coordinating & managing permits required for fleet vehicles & equipment; Handling registration of office trailers used by the fleet; Managing & distributing auto insurance cards for fleet vehicles; Maintaining records of tools & equipment used in fleet; Assigning numbers to new equipment added to fleet; Generating regular reports on odometer readings & equipment usage; Managing agreements related to equipment assigned to employees; Keeping track of vehicle recalls & coordinating necessary actions; Keeping spreadsheet containing Department of Transportation (DOT) information up to date; Maintaining spreadsheet detailing equipment installed in each vehicle; Handling incidents related to employee-assigned equipment; Assisting with correspondence & documentation for insurance claims related to fleet. Required qualifications: Exp. in administrative roles, particularly those involving data entry, record keeping, & document management; Fleet Management knowledge including familiarity with fleet management processes, vehicle registrations, permits, & compliance requirements; Ability to manage & organize variety of tasks, records, & documents efficiently; Attention-to-detail; Exp. with software tools like MS Office Suite (Excel, Word) for creating spreadsheets, documents, & reports; Effective written & verbal communication skills for coordinating with various stakeholders, employees, & external agencies; Ability to address issues related to equipment incidents, insurance claims, & permit processing; Able to efficiently manage tasks within part-time schedule & meeting deadlines. Full-time, Temp-to-Hire position. Wage: $24.00+ hr. DOE. (#3.0823.106 – San Luis Obispo)