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Permit Technician

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  • 2.1212.108
  • Full-Time
  • Ged/High School Diploma
  • 3+ Yrs
  • Delano
  • Delano, CA
  • $21.17 / hr

Duties include: Screening visitors & telephone calls; Taking messages & reports; Issuing permits; Inspecting schedules; Conducting minor plan checks; Proofreading & checking materials for accuracy, completeness, compliance with unit policies, & correct English usage including grammar, punctuation, & spelling; Processing project & program invoices; Preparing warrant requests. Required qualifications: High school diploma/equivalent certificate or diploma recognized by State of California; 3 yrs exp. in clerical position involved with technical issues within public agency. Wage: $21.17 hr. (#2.1212.108 – Delano)