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Safety Coordinator

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  • 2.1111.105
  • Full-Time
  • Ged/High School Diploma
  • 1+ Yrs
  • Porterville
  • Porterville, CA
  • $17.00 / hr

Will assist company’s Safety Coordinator with occupational safety program to ensure & improve safety of employees by developing strong safety culture within company workplace, maintaining compliance with all federal, state & local safety laws, & advocating for best safety practices & employee training & awareness. Duties include: Overseeing company’s occupational safety program, improving employee safety, & creating strong safety culture; Maintaining safety program manual, guidelines, protocols, & standards; Ensuring compliance with all federal, state, & local safety laws; Becoming advocate for best safety practices & employee safety training & awareness; Conducting regular workplace safety inspections, safety audits, & annual risk assessments; Enforcing safety program compliance & implementing corrective action plans; Conducting investigations for safety violations &/or accidents; Coordinating & managing relationships with OSHA, Workers’ Compensation, & insurance companies; Developing training materials based on industry’s best practices, local legislation, & company procedures; Monitoring employee training schedules & keeping employees up-to-date; Organizing & leading safety meetings; Providing direction, leadership, & technical assistance to management & operations about safety initiatives; Leading company’s safety committee which develops safety strategy & planning efforts; Keeping workstation clean & well organized; Reporting directly to Safety Coordinator. Required qualifications: High school diploma/GED; Exp. with accident investigation & root cause analysis; Exp. in leading safety meetings & conducting safety audits; Bilingual in English & Spanish; Basic knowledge of MS Word & Excel; Possess good leadership skills; Ability to motivate employees to work together as team to perform work duties in most safe & efficient manner; Ability to develop strong safety culture; Ability to conduct accident investigation & root cause analysis & maintain OSHA compliance; Ability to develop strategies, plan strategies, & communicate well; Basic math skills such as ability to add, subtract, & divide whole numbers; Ability to read & interpret documents such as safety rules, company policy, handbook etc., as well as instructions furnished in written, oral, diagram, or schedule form; Able to lift 30 lbs. Employee will be exposed to chemicals, loud noise, salt, red dyes, & ingredient odors while performing work duties. 2nd shift. Wage: $17.00 hr. (#2.1111.105 – Porterville)