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TIG Welders

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  • 2.1011.417
  • Full-Time
  • Any
  • None
  • Corona
  • Corona, CA
  • $16.00-$20.00 hr. DOE

2 openings available. Duties include: Learning over time product types, parts, & components used in assembly; Working from & reading job schedule list, Work Orders, drawings, & labels as part of assembly; Determining priority order of products to be assembled from production schedule; Reading job travel packets to order & verify parts needed for product types on schedule; Requisitioning materials as needed; Verifying materials used for welding are correct; Setting up TIG welding machine with all components; Using TIG welding to calculate correct gas flow measurements for welds; Connecting tungsten, gas tank, regulator, & all cables to welding machine; Setting up TIG Welder; Using knowledge of TIG welder tool settings, amperage selection/adjustments, & TIG techniques to differentiate & select correct gas flow, torch & rod types for welding process; Using tungsten argon gas, TIG Welder, & TIG welding techniques to join 2 or more pieces of metal; Creating welds that are smooth & solid for acceptable connection of metal joints to result in watertight containment; Using all safety gears while performing functions of welding (long sleeve shirts, long pants, leg covering, Face shield, & heat protective gloves); Using debur machine to smooth off metal imperfections; Performing additional tasks as assigned. Must be able to calculate flow of gas to yield high quality welds. Welding task is performed while seated for entire shift. 7:00am-3:30pm. Wage: $16.00-$20.00 hr. DOE. (#2.1011.417 – Corona)