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CNC Tube Bender Programmer

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  • Full-Time
  • Any
  • 1+ Yrs
  • Wildomar
  • Wildomar, CA
  • $20.00-$23.00 hr.

Needed for growing sheet metal manufacturing company. Duties include: Developing & creating CNC programs for various machines based on engineering drawings & specifications; Setting up & operating CNC machines to produce parts according to programmed instructions & bend tooling to achieve quality & cut; Performing routine maintenance on CNC machines to ensure optimal performance; Setting up machines & inspecting/measuring parts to ensure they are to print; Creating CNC programs to fabricate parts to specifications. Required qualifications: Knowledge of tube bending tooling; Proficient in reading & interpreting engineering drawings, schematics, & blueprints; Proficient in understanding detailed work instructions; Able to understand Rising Star Hydraulics’ cover/set-up data sheet; Strong knowledge of reading XYZ layout on Bender data sheet & operating Romer/Hexagon Metrology laser scanning arm, etc.; Ability to work with CAD models to create tube bending programs & make changes as needed to produce high tolerance parts; Strong knowledge of CNC programming languages, codes, & standards. Mon-Thu/6:30am-5:00pm. Wage: $20.00-$23.00 hr. (#4.0319.519 – Wildomar)