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Machine Operator

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  • Full-Time
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  • Tulare
  • Delano, CA
  • $16.50 / hr

Needed in Tulare, CA. Duties include: Operating machines & CIPing machinery-decanters, evaporators, pasteurizers, hot breaks, & machinery that handles liquid/food; Performing frequent Cleaning in Place (CIP) on surfaces that product comes into contact with (areas include but are not limited to: storage tanks, door gaskets, sample valves, fittings, transfer hoses, & clean tanker); Taking quality readings & documenting; Monitoring speed, pressure, & temperatures of equipment & documenting onto forms; Completing forms necessary & providing them to shift supervisor; Cleaning equipment as needed; Recording operator data as needed; Keeping work area clean & free of clutter & mess; Inspecting all equipment & ensuring it is running correctly, reporting any malfunctions immediately to maintenance; Participating in frequent safety meetings & promoting safety awareness daily; Performing other duties as assigned. 1st shift, but must be flexible. Wage: $16.50 hr. (#4.0515.108 – Delano)