Saving Trees One Paystub At A Time

Did you know that some form of direct deposit or ACH transaction has been around since 1974? That is over 40 years that banking intuitions have provided a service to its customers to allow for reoccurring or one-time payments to be directly deposited into the recipient account. This means that over the past 40 years, employers and employees alike have had the opportunity to enhance green-initiatives that minimize the need for paper paystubs. The American Payroll Association estimates that approximately 96% of all employees receive their paycheck by direct deposit. However, many employers continue to provide the paystub in traditional paper form. More than likely this is unnecessary since many payroll processing services offer a web-based platform where an employee can log in to a secure site and access paystubs, non-negotiable copies of paychecks, W-2’s and other tax forms. Like United Staffing Associates, some employers will email you a copy of your paystub to reduce the use of paper and further the Company’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Check with your employer to inquire on the availability of alternatives to paper paystubs. Also, you may have the option of other methods of payment, such as a pay card.

Each state has its own laws regarding the provision of paystubs, it is important that employers know these laws and consult with legal counsel when implementing a new payroll process. For more information about the history of direct payments, visit