Another Year, Another Resolution

A new year, a new resolution! Will you keep it?

Making a resolution has been around since the early eras of the world....starting with the Babylonians and Romans as religious commitments. In modern times, resolutions take on the form of personal commitments to go to the gym more, be kinder to one another, take the trip of a lifetime and other desires. Why not make a resolution having to do with career or a current job? It seems appropriate that such a significant facet of life, like employment, be a part of usual resolution thought. Here are a few career/work-related resolutions that may be right for you this year:

Spend More Time With Your Boss

Don’t cringe...this is serious! There are several studies which review the correlation between time spent with a direct supervisor and employees’ levels of work-related inspiration, engagement and motivation. Basically, the more employee-driven interaction with a direct supervisor, the higher level of employee engagement and motivation. Getting face-to-face time with a direct supervisor to discuss current Company events and initiatives is a great opportunity to express personal ideas that may be useful to move forward Company objectives. Also, it can create a feeling of unity and comradery, in that a direct supervisor may view that individual as someone she or he can rely upon for rallying co-workers to get on-board with certain initiatives. Most employees forget that a direct supervisor is a built-in resource for business guidance, coaching, training and mentorship – tap in to that resource and the benefits will soon be realized!

Take A Course At The Local J.C.

It seems that technology changes on a daily basis. This year would a great time to update your computer skills by taking a course at the local junior college or trade school. Most local colleges and some trade schools offer courses in technical computer literacy. These types of courses cover concepts and techniques related to use and practice in Windows, word processing, database management and more! If your basic computer knowledge is sufficient, challenge yourself to an advanced computer class.

Regardless of the resolution you choose – stick to it! There is great satisfaction in completing personal goals and commitments and 2017 is the year to do it!