Team Building with Sun, Fun and Food

It’s summertime! The perfect time for a company picnic, trips to the water park, a barbeque at the boss’ house and much more fun. Organized social gatherings for employees can be the perfect events to help strengthen your work team as a unit and they don’t have to break the budget. Take the time this summer to plan activity that is inclusive of your work peers and get a needed break from the office setting. Here are a few activities that are welcoming to all, safe and fun:

Scavenger Hunt: A scavenger hunt is a timeless event that separates groups into small teams. A scavenger hunt can have a theme, such as finding landmarks or objects centered on a concept or a movie. This type of event should require minimal physical exertion, such as light walking, standing, bending and/or stooping. It often will bring out friendly competitiveness amongst the small teams and will require that team members work with and rely on each other to successfully complete the hunt.

BBQ: Plan an outdoor bbq in a safe location in the Company’s parking lot or a nearby park. When preparing foods for the bbq, serve a variety foods that appeal to all team members. It’s best to make sure that preparation of the food is sanitary and limits incidents of food poisoning – be sure to (1) wash all fresh fruits and vegetables with clean water (2) prepare salads that do not require mayonnaise (3) keep condiments refrigerated (4) cook all meats thoroughly (5) keep containers covered and in coolers.

Sports Adventures: For physically active work teams, participation in a local mud run, 5K, obstacle course or golf tournament may be the perfect group outing. These types of events typically require heavy physical activity and endurance, therefore they should be strictly optional and completed outside of work. A social adventure like this is sure to bring out team unity and the spirit of competition. If the Company wishes to sponsor employee participation in these types of events, seek guidance from the Risk or Human Resources Manager before registering employees.

Ice Cream Bar: Want to stay in the office air conditioning? Set up an ice cream bar every Friday during the summer as a sweet treat for your work team. This is a relatively inexpensive treat that will allow for employees to take a break from work and socialize inside, away from the heat!