Let The Fun Begin!

It’s summertime! The perfect time for a company picnic, trips to the water park, a barbeque at the boss’ house, and much more fun. Organized social gatherings for employees are often the highlight of the summer months. To be inclusive of all employees, here are a few tips to keep in mind to make your event welcoming, safe, and fun:

  • Plan light physical activities. Everyone likes a good water balloon relay or egg toss – pie eating or apple bobbing contest. Events that do not require heavy physical activity may lessen the incidence of injury which may qualify as a compensable industrial injury (i.e., a Workers’ Compensation claim).
  • Keep travel to a minimum. Plan for in town events and provide shuttle service for your employees or have an outdoor event at the office to limit an employee’s need to be on the road for more than his or her usual commute.
  • Limit your decorations. Be mindful of certain religious practices by having minimal, religious neutral decorations, especially if your event is scheduled on or in celebration of a holiday. Keep in mind that employees are permitted to and should be excused from participating in any company-sponsored event that may be contrary to his or her religious beliefs.
  • Serve a variety of foods. You know your staff best and their food preferences! It will go a long way with them if you pay attention to their food choices and serve a variety of foods, such as a vegan offering, Kosher plates, or other specialty foods that allow for inclusive meal participation.
  • Give a prize not a surprise. Everyone likes to have a good time and that can be accomplished without jeopardizing personal feelings. If having a contest, make sure that any prizes given are gender neutral, non-offensive, and minimal in value. Gift cards, office items (such as wall clocks and pen sets), and general movie tickets are great, non-offensive items that can be used by men and women alike.