No Negativity Here!

No Negativity - Smile

Have you ever worked in an environment surrounded by pessimistic, negative and unsupportive co-workers? Hopefully not, but if you have there are ways to help make the environment better by doing your part to foster positivity. Many employees rely on self-morals and internal motivators to maneuver through the work environment in a way that gets them through each day. The more negativity that is allowed in to the psyche and environment, it can become more and more difficult to get through the work day. Sure, you can address a negative Nelly directly and ask her to change her mindset when it involves you or shared work, but often that confrontation can lead to conflict, hurt feelings or misunderstandings. So it may be best to start with improving your mindset, peer interactions and the words that come out of your mouth. Self-reflection and introspection is key. Here are a few ways that you can clear out the negativity around you in the work environment:


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Tips to Avoid or Defuse Escalation of Workplace Conflict

Resolving Conflicts

Addressing workplace conflict can be difficult for employees and supervisors as addressing the situation may be uncomfortable. It is best to seek the guidance of an HR professional before engaging in a situation that may escalate further or if questions arise on how to move forward with addressing the situation. Here are some quick tips on how to avoid or defuse escalation of workplace conflict:

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Keeping It Clean

Cleaning Equipment

(information from the desk of Norma White, United Staffing Associate’s Director of Health & Safety)

Sanitation is a necessary part of every food processing and industrial facility. Unfortunately, it is also a job function that is at the highest risk for injuries. Often sanitation duties take place at the end of a work shift, when an employee may be exhausted and in a rush to leave the facility. During this period of time, an employee may not be as mentally sharp as when s/he began the work shift....this is when an accident is likely to occur or an important task is forgotten. For example, while completing sanitation duties, an employee may forget to properly turn off machinery or fail to properly reconfigure machine parts after cleaning them. The latter can lead to unintended consequences for the next shift if the machine malfunctions, which may cause a disruption to production or business.


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Hello | Bonjour | Hola | Hallo

World Languages

We live, work and play in a diverse society that introduces us to many new people and new languages. Familiar to the west coast of the United States are languages such as Armenian, Hindi and Spanish. The diversity of our social population carries over into the workplace and can present challenges for employers and employees when a communication barrier occurs or a misunderstanding based on a lack of complete translation of thought (based on language differences). Diversity training which focuses on inclusion and understanding and promoting cultural difference is essential to a well-functioning work team. Equally as important is understanding or acknowledging how language impacts the work environment.


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Blog Service Announcement: Not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day!

Valentines Day?

It’s obvious that not everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day - An individual may not be in a romantic relationship with a significant other. It’s also common for couples to avoid the hype of Valentine’s Day given its commercial value that sucks up time and money and doesn’t place actual value on the foundation of building a strong and successful relationship.


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