It’s On the Governor’s Desk

Upcoming Legislation

Since our last update, California Governor Jerry Brown has hundreds of legislative bills to review and sign or veto. Here is information about a few of those bills as referenced on

AB 1209. Gender Pay Gap. This bill would require employers with 500 or more employees in California to collect certain information on gender wage differentials and file that information with the Secretary of State.

AB 1710. Discrimination Against Military Service Members. This bill would change the existing Military and Veterans code to expand upon prohibited discrimination against members or veterans of the U.S. Military with respect to his or her terms, conditions or privileges of employment. Also, review pending SB 266.

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Loss Control is Cost Control

Domino Effect - Risk Management

In the past 20 years risk management consulting has become an enterprise. Talented risk professionals will consult with companies on a variety of safety topics in an attempt to improve processes, policies and to ultimately minimize risk. There is definite value in having an experienced risk professional assessing processes and advising based on his or her education and skill; however, for smaller organizations the “do-it-yourself” method may be more cost effective at the onset of a risk evaluation. There may be free programs and materials available through local agencies that assist with loss control processes to help protect a company’s bottom line, which is to capture and keep revenue.


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Power Lift Equipment – Steps to Promote Safe Operation

Forklift Training

Information from the desk of Norma White, United Staffing Associates’ Director of Health & Safety:

Light and heavy industrial business operations are plagued with the daily presence of hazards. Regular, day-to-day operations, such as use of power tools, heavy machinery, conveyors, power lift equipment and other equipment or devices can be so common, that workers forget the magnitude of risk when operating an inherently dangerous tool or equipment. Power lift equipment or PLE is mechanical equipment that can be battery operated or fueled that typically lifts heavy objects, such as pallets with product, other equipment, etc. The PLE itself can weigh several tons, depending on the model and scope of intended use. For this reason, it is critical that employers ensure that workers are properly trained to operate PLE before first use. There are local, state and federal regulations pertaining to PLE certification. It is important that employers consult with a safety professional to have proper education on the certification requirements, including the frequency of re-training or re-certifying.

Here are a few standard training and/or safety practices, in addition to any local, state or federal regulations, for certifying an operator of power lift equipment:


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