Address: 714 Main St., Suite E, Delano, CA 93215 | Phone: (661) 778-1965 | Fax: (661) 778-1970

Job Employee Type Experience Location Office Location
Accounting Assistant Seasonal None Delano Delano
Blueberry Season Seasonal None Delano Delano
Bookkeeper Full-time None Bakersfield Delano
Certified Nail Tech Full-time None Bakersfield Delano
Forklift Operator Full-time 1+ yrs Delano Delano
Human Resource Assistant Seasonal None Delano Delano
Human Resource Manager Full-time 3+ yrs Delano Delano
Line Operator Long-term None Delano Delano
Line Supervisor Seasonal None Delano Delano
Photographer Full-time None Bakersfield Delano
Sanitation Lead Full-time None Delano Delano
Web Developer/Graphic Designer Temp-to-Hire 1+ yrs Bakersfield Delano


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